I really want to split the constant pool now before I continue since it will get far more involved when I move on more. I also want to take care of a single combined and merged constant pool that is shared for every single class in a JAR perhaps even a global constant pool shared among everything. I do know that it could very heavily reduce the massive number of duplicates for every class. Although I am not too sure how much space reduction would occur. But I do know that for example there is Object which is pretty much used everywhere and it is java/lang/Object which is 16 bytes just for the characters alone. So pretty much if there are 1000 classes then all of those will take up 16,000 bytes which is quite a bunch. There are also descriptors which are duplicated as well. So I really really want to do a size reduction. But while I add the global pool, I will also put in the split constant so I do not have to resize the classes again.


Will note that a SQC I have is 14,298,679 bytes. Okay so I think the first thing to do is to make the split static and runtime pool. Because then both will be used accordingly as needed. I think it would be easier to do the global pools following it. Of course I can still have the old constant pool in there for compatibility purposes.


Okay so, going to eat first and exercise. I do start new job tomorrow so I am excited, hoping I can finish the constant pool merging today as I think that might help in reducing the size of the ROM file with less duplicated data. But first it will be naturally the splitting. But since I do plan on having a global constant pool I can modify the code and put in new classes in a way where that is handled properly. Of course this will mean that the constant pool builder becomes an interface. Then I can either deposit entries into the static pool or the run-time pool. Also the run-time pool will be more efficient at load time because less entries will be handled and this automatically means less memory used! So this will increase the efficiency all around. It probably will not happen but I am hoping that at least a single megabyte is cut off. Since when I do the size reductions, I tend to overestimate the difference so here I would say just a megabyte will be reduced. Since I am not too sure how much duplicated data there is.


Okay, I ate and relaxed a bit so now to work on this. Really am hoping this reduces the ROM enough to where it can fit on Palm OS and DOS more.


Okay so first step is to split part of MinimizedPoolBuilder into a base class which just acts like the basic pool with just parts and values. Then I can have a split pool implemented on top of that for the class-time and run-time pools.