I kind of just want to do maintenance or otherwise today. I want to make it so I can use all of the scripts just fine, I really need to make all of them robust and such. I also want to be able to use them on Termux in Android because that would be useful for me to work on things slightly on my phone. Maybe also work on JavaDoc or similar because I really want JavaDoc.


Okay so will be taking a break from the compiler stuff. To get this building on Android and other systems which might not have a Java VM I am going to write a Simulated JVM. It will be written in C and thus have to be compiled except that all of the needed classes will be kept internal to the VM. There will be no class files and such, everything would be linked internally by the program. It will be a pure interpreter so it would be slow. Basically it is to be a very minimum simulated environment for the most part. Everything will effectively be virtualized within the build environment. Then when SquirrelJME's own internal build system starts to run it will run in the environment as well. Basically the purpose is to make it so that everything can be built without needing an actual VM. There just has to be a compiler but that can come at a later time I suppose. But if I can get this building on Android then that would be really cool! I can work on it on the way to work on the bus, just very minor tweaks and such.