Okay so work continues on vtables and such.


Okay so the bootstrap is up and building, now to figure out the boot crashes. Seems I have a pointer which is in the wrong spot.


Noticed that I do not write class data to the ROM.


Notes from Discord: Yay vtables. Hopefully after all this refactoring, things run as per the usual. Okay does not run, so hmmmmm. Shall find out why!. Okay so. Seems the entry method is in the wrong spot. BootRAM is 21K. Ooooh this might be why. Maybe?. Guessing the class address is wrong. It seems classes are a bit small. Are classes really this tiny?. Seems like a class is only like 24 bytes long?. Ooooooh. I never even bother writing the actual class data to the ROM. That might be why. So BOOT_ENTRY is hit which is a good thing. But it reads invalid memory. Which reads the pool references are null. pool entries 1, 15, and 16. Which means the pool pointer might be wrong. Or has no actual values. So not sure if the pool values are being written. But at least I got the class and method offsets correct. Noted strings are at seemingly valid pointers though. The value read from the pool is zero. So I wonder. Is the pool pointer in invalid memory?. Seems to be in good memory. First thing allocated. Okay so the boot pool is in the right spot. It is probably something dumb to be honest. Okay it seems the stuff is right. Unless the pool pointer is incrrect?. But it is at the right address it just has the wrong values?. Only reasonable thing is that something is being overwritten?. Oooh. something is being overwritten. One operating is completely disregarding location in memory. It is not the pool. It is an int table. Okay it has to be the class data, since I disregard the write pointer. Well the offset. Okay the ClassInfo init was writing the wrong spot. The pool pointer references are in the wrong spot now though. Oh. The strings are probably invalid because of the initial meta data. So increase speed lookup. Okay cool. So jvmIsInstance() works. then it just crashes in config reader. So it tries to read an array at address 0x00000001. Okay so it stops in the instance initializer. it is doing the super class call. Okay so. The accessed field is reading as 0 and then 1 for the vtable. (method ptr, and pool ptr). Which means the accessed field offset must be wrong. Or the offset is. So very possible it is the accessed field position which is wrong. If I had to guess, perhaps the vtables are being written wrong. So the initial load into the constructor works then it fails. Okay so. The class info was being allocated for the current class size instead of the one for class info. So it should have overrwritten in this case and it has. I see it now executing system calls.


I do have the callstack, so I can see where the pure virtual call comes from. It is StringBuilder.append().


There are pure virtual calls, so maybe since I skip privates those are not fully linked?


I am pretty sure I can simplify the bootstrap when it comes to loading class info and such. I really am just at this point going to be rebuilding the BootRAM initializer but in the bootstrap. So perhaps for this point I should make it so that it is pretty much a copy of that code? I think at this point I should have a dedicate class loader or something that can work with a given class similar to the LoadedClassInfo in the BootRAM.


I think the simplest thing to do would be to model this after the BootRAM initializer by following it logically. I think that would be easy and simple and can handle things accordingly.