Putting down some of my random thoughts that appear out of nowhere during work so that they are not lost at all. I need to implement a mechanism to allow for dynamic class loading (basically dependency checking if loaded) and additionally handling of volatile fields and such (atomic operations). At least with dependency checking I can allow for the dynamic loading of things. My idea in this case is to just have a memory address which contains a flag on whether the class has been loaded and if it has not, then to perform that loading and such. Probably will need to involve loading. But actually that field I could just go a compare against zero, and it be an actual pointer to the class information that is sort of there. I figure for every class I know about which is not "loaded", I will have a class info for it regardless. Then I will just have a straight list of class pointers that specify where is what and otherwise. But, still not sure how I would handle it because I can have a pointer to the class info but zero has to mean that it is not initialized. So we shall see.