Definitely want to get tasks running and such today, since that would be cool to have!


Think I want to actually have some system call work done, move things over so that when RatufaCoat gets closer something actually could potentially run.


I also want to cleanup the C code and have a constants of sorts, because there are a ton!


I want to get rid of the aliasing between pointer and object for any code that is for SpringCoat and Java SE since it is pretty nasty to have!


Okay, I do want to just re-organize my projects and such. I think the class file stuff could go elsewhere as part of a SquirrelJME support library, that the compiler stuff be part of the build system. I mean it would be nice to have a self hosting SquirrelJME that runs on SquirrelJME but is that really realistic? Probably not. And maybe SpringCoat/SummerCoat better belong as part of the build system libraries? I mean they are not needed at run-time for most users. So I think having them live there would be best. That way the core SquirrelJME is much leaner and such.


I do have an idea for SpringCoat's pointer to object and the reverse, just kind of having a chain of objects or something? Although that is a bit complicated. Also thinking again to get rid of SpringCoat as well. I mean it is my one working implementation, I think it would be best if it and the other VM lived in the build system the more that I think of it really.


I do have two months left though and I really cannot spend the limited time I have doing a major refactor since I would probably miss my release goal. So I think this would be best done after 0.4.0 is released.