Okay so getting married today yay! So I think the first thing to do to pass the time is to split the emulated launch into basic run and then actual running so to speak. Well as in testing to make sure things are working.


Actually what would probably be better for testing so that I get test results in Gradle and IntelliJ, but this should not be too difficult what I have to do in this case would be to have a custom executor that I can hook into the tests which just starts up the factory but also manages communication and such. Of course I would have to add in test IPC hooks and otherwise, but it would be interesting to say the least. But if it works that would be good because then I can get individual test results at the VM level which I think is very important to have when writing a VM.


Not sure how I am going to actually implement this, but I might figure something out eventually.


Okay so I have the basis for the test task, need to figure out how reports and results will work.


Okay so trying to add this execution and it does not find tests.


Okay so if an exception is thrown in a suite then the entire group fails and it fails to group them together, so I think otherwise there will be skip I supposed since not sure how to report failure?