Okay so I definitely forgot that MIDP 3 has a bunch of different layout policies which do not match how J2ME did things in the past. So going to have to have that in UIForms in order for it to be handled properly.


So I really do not want to add 16 * 4 = 64 entries for special items and such because that would just be way more complicated than I want. So I think for those special item commands and such, I am just going to have a special kind of item for the most part. Maybe like a button array? I do have to do menus so I need to add this in as well though. So maybe this would be best handled by a special type of item? It would basically be an array of buttons for the most part. But that in itself would be messy as the items would have lots of functionality specific for that item and I just want simple items. So how I best go about these items? I should think on it more.


I do have work in the morning and was not really sure what to do today, so I cleaned, watched a movie with my wife, and relaxed mostly. I think for now it would be best to just implement all of LCDUI in the tests and such just to see how it would go. Of course for tests I would need a way to inject events accordingly just to ensure that things work properly.


Okay so for injecting, I am just going to have it where I can get the callback interface since it would all be in the same format. This would make implementation easier and I can always do MLECallError if not supported.