Okay, so SummerCoat is very clunky and very old, but just like SpringCoat I can do refactorings on it to make it much nicer. So my current problem is that the bootstrap generator is having problems with interfaces. I know back then I did not really handle interfaces all that well, so I am going to need these if I do not already have the following pool types:

I thought up of three but as I was writing this, I only need these two. Naturally of course there is definitely going to be a refactor of SummerCoat. But I have to do some of this first so that things can actually link or build the ROM for this branch. I should probably do the more refactoring once I get a baseline for new work to be done.


Also I was taking a shower but I want to move away from the memory based bootloader to a pre-linked bootloader. Instead of referring to things and setting up a chunk of memory, there is a list of instructions on prelinking. Another thing would be to move the ClassInfo stuff into a kind of thing like MLE, but where it is managed by the execution system. This will complicate and add complexity to that design but going to not be too worried about it as it will make things easier to implement and understand. At least with this, I should be able to have it where I can neatly load up ROMs and keep everything simple.


I think before I can do anything with this, I am going to have to do some kind of refactoring to make this easier to do.