So the floating point values are wrong and these are the ten bad ones:

fxmaxmin        ! string:0x34ffffff string:0x7f800000
fxminmax        ! string:0x34ffffff string:0x7f800000
fxminmin        ! string:0x00000000 string:0x7f800000
fxminneg        ! string:0x80000001 string:0xff800000
fxminnrm        ! string:0x00000000 string:0x7f800000
fxminone        ! string:0x00000001 string:0x7f800000
fxnegmin        ! string:0x80000001 string:0xff800000
fxnrmmin        ! string:0x00000000 string:0x7f800000
fxonemin        ! string:0x00000001 string:0x7f800000

After running a first run in fixing I get these 6 bad ones:

fxmaxmin        ! string:0x34ffffff string:0x407fffe9
fxminmax        ! string:0x34ffffff string:0x417fffe8
fxminneg        ! string:0x80000001 string:0x80fffff5
fxminone        ! string:0x00000001 string:0x00fffff5
fxnegmin        ! string:0x80000001 string:0x807ffff5
fxonemin        ! string:0x00000001 string:0x007ffff5

This is with exponent capping that at least gets a bit closer, but it feels like the fraction is a bit off still.


Then after much looking, turns out __normSubnormalF32Sig() was returning values in the wrong order, so this has been fixed! Yay!