Okay so I am on vacation this week, so I will relax the best I can because I have an upcoming brain MRI... which can end up being different outcomes. On the otherwise, I am finding that in multiple branches I have test related changes which I merged some into trunk. What I want to do now is have it so that hyper-parameters can be inherited from super-classes. Of course this means that the test handling stuff is going to have to look a at a class and then look at a dependency of that class to figure out if there are any tests. So this will be somewhat recursive hunting for all of the potential various hyper-parameters so that it need not be actually duplicated across everything at once. I think also for expected parameters I should look at interfaces for every single class as well, although in CLDC you cannot get the interfaces from a class... so I am effectively going to have to make a shelf interface around it but that should not be difficult at all.


Okay so now TAC will look in interfaces for results, which this will be very nice for SummerCoat related tests since I only want to specify targets once. Now I need to handle multi-parameters and hyper-parameters for the actual test calling code, but probably after eating some food. If I do it this way I should then be able to avoid massive duplication of all the various targets because I really do not want to specify them dozens of times for the dozens of tests I will make for the compiler. This work will definitely save me time in the future.


Okay so that is very nice and simple, now what I need are optional dependencies except for test and testFixtures, so that all of the other testable modules can be just be brought in rather than duplicating test classes all over the place.