I was thinking, if I am going for a hybrid SpringCoat/SummerCoat for RatufaCoat then why not just make it so SummerCoat is built on top of SpringCoat, but instead there can be multiple execution engines for the code. I would still need the compiler of course but for some testing, some classes could be read and executed over SummerCoat instead as a I build things out. Then when it comes to the interpreter stuff I can just delete it and not worry about that complication at all. Just for testing I will just need some way to have it to where SummerCoat gets classes compiled for it as I go along... like if compilation fails for SummerCoat then it just falls back to SpringCoat mode which is much slower. But definitely from this random thought that popped into my brain, I am needlessly complicating things. Of course there will need to be some changes around SpringCoat but it should work just fine.