I was on vacation which is nice, I also installed Linux on my laptop which is way more performing and smoother... programming should go much easier. It should also be much better in battery life. I know I have not have not really been leaving much notes but I should do that again. I suppose since then I have started new medication for things and I can concentrate much easier like I used to when I was able to just focus on thing. Of course work takes a large portion of my time. But regardless I decided to make NanoCoat which is byte code compiled to C, at least in a cheap and quick fashion, of which I can write a bunch of code and whatnot. My plan is to just have it where I have NanoCoat for certain low level platforms like PS2 and 3DS and such. But generally this is just a stopgap since writing RatufaCoat is going to take much longer as it is generally better written and will be the longer lasting virtual machine. So that is where things stand currently.