Miniature POSIX Environment

This document contains an idea for a minitature POSIX environment that could be used to develop SquirrelJME on devices and systems which do not have a suitable environment.

Pure Java

The environment would be written purely in Java and would have some limitations, although in general those limitations should not be an issue at all.

Built-in Commands

The base set of includes would include the most commonly used commands. There are some extra POSIX commands that generally are not used as such. However all commands should be as POSIX compatible as possible.


This command can use the internal JIT to provide a miniature classical environment for code execution.


This could be associated with an internal Java compiler (when one is written) and can be used to generate Java byte code.


This command for usages by the build script can return squirreljme-posix which can be used by scripts to detect if it is running in the miniature POSIX environment.

Processes and Threads

Each process will have its own descriptor and have details, also each process will have its own thread. Since processes would be in their own threads, they can compute and run anything they need themselves. At least with a thread it is possible to interrupt them, which would potentially act as a signal (such as ^Z or ^C). If no signal is associated with an interrupt then it is ignored. However, interrupts would only be able to be used in positions where sleeping is performed and interrupts can occur. The interrupts would be the major point of process control. An interrupt handler could in a way throw an exception to signal that the application should terminate.


All processes will have pipes for standard input and output. Pipe data tranmissions would use the Object monitors and rely heavily on interrupts for signaling.