JavaSE (Shaded) Usage

SquirrelJME's Shaded JavaSE JAR requires at least a Java SE 7 virtual machine. For most systems, it may be downloaded from the following locations:

Generally SquirrelJME will work best with at least a Java 8 virtual machine.

The JAR file squirreljme-javase.jar may be run by running the following:

When run, it should start the launcher and provide a list of available programs.

The following keys are used:

Third-party Libraries and Applications

Third-party libraries and applications may be used, however currently these may or may not be supported fully. The JARs must be valid J2ME or Java ME libraries or applications (generally CLDC, MIDP, or MEEP). Additionally if an application requires the use of libraries then all dependencies which are not optional must be included.

SquirrelJME will try to look in the following locations:

Advanced Configuration

If desired, the virtual machine can be configured via system properties: