Help: diff

The "diff" command:

Usage: fossil diff|gdiff ?OPTIONS? ?FILE1? ?FILE2 ...?

Show the difference between the current version of each of the FILEs specified (as they exist on disk) and that same file as it was checked out. Or if the FILE arguments are omitted, show the unsaved changes currently in the working check-out.

If the "--from VERSION" or "-r VERSION" option is used it specifies the source check-in for the diff operation. If not specified, the source check-in is the base check-in for the current check-out.

If the "--to VERSION" option appears, it specifies the check-in from which the second version of the file or files is taken. If there is no "--to" option then the (possibly edited) files in the current check-out are used.

The "--checkin VERSION" option shows the changes made by check-in VERSION relative to its primary parent.

The "-i" command-line option forces the use of the internal diff logic rather than any external diff program that might be configured using the "setting" command. If no external diff program is configured, then the "-i" option is a no-op. The "-i" option converts "gdiff" into "diff".

The "-N" or "--new-file" option causes the complete text of added or deleted files to be displayed.

The "--diff-binary" option enables or disables the inclusion of binary files when using an external diff program.

The "--binary" option causes files matching the glob PATTERN to be treated as binary when considering if they should be used with external diff program. This option overrides the "binary-glob" setting.


--binary PATTERN
Treat files that match the glob PATTERN as binary
--branch BRANCH
Show diff of all changes on BRANCH
Show filenames only
--checkin VERSION
Show diff of all changes in VERSION
--command PROG
External diff program - overrides "diff-command"
--context|-c N
Use N lines of context
--diff-binary BOOL
Include binary files when using external commands
Force absolute path names with external commands.
Force relative path names with external commands.
--from|-r VERSION
Select VERSION as source for the diff
Use internal diff logic
Show complete text of added and deleted files
Show only the number of lines delete and added
Side-by-side diff
Strip trailing CR
--tclsh PATH
Tcl/Tk used for --tk (default: "tclsh")
Launch a Tcl/Tk GUI for display
Select VERSION as target for the diff
Diff against the "undo" buffer
Unified diff
Output complete text of added or deleted files
Ignore white space when comparing lines -W|--width &
num> Width of lines in side-by-side diff
-Z|--ignore-trailing-space Ignore changes to end-of-line whitespace