Okay so... I think for Squirrel Quarrel since it will be like a turn based game of sorts, I am going to need a kind of cursor, selection, and action manager. The AI and players would be using this, think it would be the best way to manage things.


I need to do lots of rewording and remove the intends since this is really more than what I had last year.


Old extra description of Lex: Only the head is visible. The remainder of the mascot wears a short sleeve (halfway between the shoulder and the elbow) green tunic held in place by a brown belt with the dangling flap in the direction of the left hand, the buckle being gold plated. A brown under shirt is worn with a V-notch at the top. The bottom of the tunic is flat and extends past the tail but above the knees. A white tail extends from the back of the mascot which goes straight up and has a slight curve at the end, it reaches to the start of the neckline before curving off away from the body. The hands are relaxed with dark claws visible, the feet also have claws. No pants or shoes are worn. The coloring of the mascot consists of no gradients and only contains two levels of shading (a light and a dark color).

Old short description: SquirrelJME intends to be a Java ME 8 compatible JVM (Embedded/J2ME) and to be ported to many systems. Written in Java and under the GPLv3+.

Old longer description: SquirrelJME is intended to be a Java ME 8 compatible environment for strange and many other devices. That is, you would be able to have a Java environment on a wide range of Internet of Things devices, older computers (such as the Amiga), embedded devices, and mobile devices from old to new. It is under the GNU GPLv3+ and is written purely in Java.

Old Twitter description: SquirrelJME intends to be a Java ME 8 compatible JVM (Embedded/J2ME) and desires to be ported to many systems (Desktops, Phones, Amigas, etc.). It is written in pure Java and is under the GNU GPLv3+.