Having references would be useful in the JVM.


So Reference will make things much easier to implement, at least to not needlessly create tons of objects when loading classes and I can keep some references around. Things will go faster and memory will be reduced which is what I want really. It also greatly will simplify things too. Only thing to consider is that with reference counting, how do I want to handle these things? I think I am going to need a chunk bit on an object which says if an allocated object is held by a reference, that way I can do the referencing magic stuff. Another thing is that there will need to be some kind of reference lock or similar. Actually... what if I had for every allocation a special access object or similar, like a chain of sorts? The only problem is that then I will need to handle references that get cleaned up because their pointers would be stale. But Reference would be the one that adds itself to the special pointer area, so it would have to remember. But it does get complicated still this way and memory does leak.


I am just going to wait until it is needed, then implement it. Also when it comes to class loading, I need to get it working first so I have something.