Okay so I need to figure something out with the process spawner. Really what the initial thing is that I need to set the entry point which then will have to be scanned and such. I also have to keep a context around for varying threads and otherwise. So pretty much the main thing is going to be how SpringCoat handles this. The virtual machine is going to have to be able to have virtual hardware threads and having the ability to switch between them and such as needed. So what I really need is a hardware thread manager which has threads running on it, it could be cooperative or it could be really multi-tasking. These threads would use the same memory locks and such, but at least now I could put something in them. Probably a big thing will be to actually have this stuff down as system calls and such. I also need to update the contracts for certain things to say that these are VM globals.


So what does a hardware thread have? It of course needs the task ID, which is very important to tell the context of these tasks together and whatnot. Well really it needs the hardware thread ID.


I think what I need as well is a virtual process, which is basically the task ID that is used in the system calls and such.