Going to pull in my wip-accesscontrol branch a little but early but still have a fork where I can continue it. Have been wanting to work on the LCDUI stuff and it would be really nice to have the tasks and otherwise that are in that branch. So I am just going to early-fork and merge in, also as well I am going to just merge those into the UI branch. I can still continue the security stuff.


I had a thought about a secondary thing. Right now my blog syncing for Fossil and the repository proper is done on my server. Have been thinking this night that I want to eventually move that over to Gradle and CircleCI jobs that run on a cron job. At least once that is off and made independent, I can then have another branch do mapping between GitHub and Fossil tickets. In this case the tickets in Fossil will just be a backup of the GitHUb ones since I use that for the main issue handling. It would however mean that there is ticket history within Fossil again and that if I am ever offline or disconnected from the internet for a bit I can see which issues exist and such. Also another branch I rather forgot about is the publishing branch. That one is so very much old I think I should probably just stop it.