So the Gradle workers use serialization for the parameters, so will have to do a kind of workaround to make it work.


Well, I would like parallel test execution however for workers there is no way to forward or inject tasks or the Java executor. So these are stuck being single threaded unless I can hack it.


Looks like what I can do is instead return the command line that would spawn the JVM rather than having the enumeration do it itself. Only way I can think of to do what I need to. It should not be too bad as I can wrap the info in a class just to make sure it does the thing.


So JavaExecSpec has getCommandLine() which returns the entire command line for the VM, this is what I want. Luckily I do not use environment variables since those do not exist in Java ME 8 anyway. So I suppose what I need to do is just create this single instance somehow...


So I made a workaround, I am basically just filling the execution spec where I can and then invoking the VM. I have not started the tests or the test results yet, but that should not be too difficult. At least at this rate I should actually have concurrent test execution which should be a bit faster and if there are at least two CPUs then that should mean time being cut in half which would save me a bunch of money.


Of course the snapshot is using the wrong main class, so need to fix that or at least have an override for it.


I think it executing in parallel is nice, it went through the hosted tests in seven seconds but not sure if it was a success as I need to handle the logging and otherwise as needed. Will probably be best to do it after process termination as to not block.


I am going to await after executing one or more tests rather than pushing them all into the pool at once. Hopefully this makes things better.


Okay so after doing all the live console outputs, it actually makes the tests run... this means that it froze because it was trying to write the output but there must have been no room at all. Interesting.


Definitely feeling that the Multi-VM refactor is nearing completion which is a nice thing. It has been going awhile. Also I know I was going to do SummerCoat stuff, but I am going to snip that off as it should not be getting considered at all. Think what I should do is just disable those pipelines so I just have the few to worry about.