Spoke at my first conference: https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/event/squirrel/ I would say that it went rather well! Now I suppose I get back to work on SquirrelJME. There is serviceRepaints() which is causing a freeze in cases where it tries waiting for a repaint to happen but it never does! So I definitely need a better strategy for it, maybe I can use an actual timestamp for it to determine when something is happening.


There is a graphical issue with drawing RGB tiles where it is out of bounds. So the error details are:

Then I have:

DB: Oops: __o=0, __l=10, __x=7, __y=12, __w=7, __h=1,
__subX=0, __subY=4, __b[90]=[I@34e4ea13,
data[576]=[I@28828654, iw=24, eosa=3, dest=295, src=96, ey=13, spend=103 !!

Definitely would say this is quite the mess and it has been awhile so maybe I should just dive in and rewrite all the graphics functions. Since there are so many different graphics formats, maybe I should just make a kind of slower reference implementation just so I can figure out all of the various algorithms. There would be extreme method overhead but I think that is the way to go.