I had an idea for SummerCoat's compilation passes. I will have it multi-layered but instead of going straight low level I will have a high level that could decode to a lower level. The high level will be closer to Java but have like removal of the stack and do stack caching. The low level will be closer to machine code and could optionally be used. The low level would not need to worry about stack caching only register caching if needed, but also the high level could be attached to compiler output and otherwise since if I want to support KaiOS I am going to have to output in Javascript. I also could output to C and write a Java compiler Java, so I can bootstrap compile SquirrelJME accordingly in the event a JDK is not available. It would be an additional layer, but going to Java to high level will be easier than going straight to low level. I think doing it all in a single step made it much more difficult to implement. So hoping this would work out better.


On the otherwise I am working on GIF support which they are used much for i-mode software rather than PNG for some reason. No idea, but once GIF is supported that really only leaves JPEG to remain for the most part.