So now that a new year has happened, I will continue the tradition of doing the year in review, essentially a retrospective of it.


Okay, so commit wise under my dead name and my legal name, my legal name is at 50% and to meet the same amount it would be 3,383 commits so quite awhile before it is overtaken. But there will never be a new commit under that so as time goes on, it will dwindle. At least I convert the stuff in the Git repositories so it does not exist in the author data at all.


As for the review, I should eat breakfast first then get into it.


So now for the year in review... I will say that 2018 was the year with the first release of SquirrelJME which is nice, more releases are definitely coming this year. I am excited for the eventual ability to run more software and have it be faster, along with some ports to platforms such as RetroArch. Note that this was descriptive then just started turning into a changelog.


Okay so this took about three hours to write, so it was quite a bunch of work and now I am hungry again. It was fine but then it turned into a changelog. But next year it should be much cleaner.


I suppose I will work on SummerCoat. First I will start with a base VM manager of sorts which is at the upper level.


I need a name for the main class which contains the "containers" for each running task. It is kind of like a hub. It will run multiple virtual machines as their own individual tasks with their own memory and such.


Pretty sure I am going to need a compiled register representation form for class files and such. This could be cached and be allowed to be dumped into caches for faster operation. It could just act on a per-class basis which would be pretty simple. Although it would need to manage linking and such. It definitely needs to be cacheable, it also definitely needs to be reused by later parts of the virtual machine. Like so I can just dump things into a ROM file, which would be used by RatufaCoat. That would be really important. Then if I do caching of the ROMs and put the stuff on the filesystem then pretty much what I can do is make subsequent executions much faster if there is an available filesystem.